is a supporting site for Mustang Camp, a New Mexico 501(c)3 organization that works to reduce suffering of captive wild horses and burros. We help animals transition to a life with people. We tame and train them with the most humane training methods available. We research equine training and fear reduction. We teach people how to train mustangs and burros. We get animals adopted.

We started working with mustangs in 2009 and have trained about 600 wild horses and burros. We keep an average of 20 horses, but have taken on large projects involving up to 70 horses at a time. We started out working just with horses from the Carson National Forest and transitioned to Bureau of Land Management horses in 2012. Since 2018, we have focused more on New Mexico feral horses and burros from the NM Livestock Board, other equine rescues, and closing sanctuaries. supports these activities by helping to raise funds needed to operate our organization.

We started working on growing to train and adopt more animals in 2018. We developed a proposal for a large scale facility and started looking for the funding needed to implement it. The pandemic of 2020 has frustrated our plans, but this website is a sign that we are still in the game of helping horses. We don’t know how to give up.

Some of the horses helped in 2019

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