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Mustang Camp prevents animal suffering by humanely training feral horses and burros in preparation for adoption. We have helped over 600 mustangs and burros.

We don’t think it should be traumatic to live with humans after they are captured. We want to give them a soft landing place on their way to a better life.

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The Mustang Camp Blog

Fixing a Pushy Horse

The first step in the training plan has to be to clean up any problem behaviors that are going to ...
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Getting on the Other Side

Sometimes a fearful animal does not want to let you on it's scary side. We solve the problem of not ...
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Meet John

The iconic and photogenic adoption coordinator at Mustang Camp is going to train this mustang, despite a lack of experience ...
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Meet Bravo

A logical starting place for this story is to meet the characters in it. John tells the story of Bravo ...
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The Adventure Begins

I got stuck in accounting hell for a few months... but, hey, this is the year 2020, so no one ...
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The Saddle Training Adventure

Let's see if we can figure out how to keep a current events blog about our latest project. The pens ...
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Covid-19 Pandemic

Social distancing comes naturally to us in Largo Canyon. The closest other people are at least a mile away. Nothing ...
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Hay there!

We buy 1800 lb bales of grass hay for the horses. During it's stay in our program, each horse consumes ...
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With Every Opportunity, Comes a Liability.

An old house for sale in Tucumcari showed up in my FaceBook news feed. Priced at only $1250, I had ...
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Magic Mustang Tamer

A Magical Tool to Train Wild HorsesAs a professional wild horse taming operation, we've had trouble recruiting qualified staff, training ...
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